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About Us -

Our hybrid advocacy/business is based on the belief that our customer's need to reduce their home use of energy and water, is of utmost importance to our shared future. This is the challenge in front of us all, in facing energy demands in the 21st century.

We want to facilitate an easy approach to the building owner, on how to prioritize the most cost-effective way to manage this process, meeting our goal of 2015 for the maximum residential and business energy/water reduction, nationwide. Our entire team is committed to meeting this challenging but necessary goal.

Those of us partnering on this project, come from the fields of corporate business, community organizing for political campaigns, entrepreneurial real estate development, and NASA problem-solving research. We believe the mix of our talents will provide a successful national effort.

We welcome the opportunity to work with the homeowner/business owner who shares our sense of urgency on this growing need to more efficiently manage home/building energy and water use.

OUR GOAL: to create city by city, a nation-wide energy community, with Energy Transition Teams as buying groups, with homeowners and business owners gaining city recognition for their investment efforts.

Location: Danville, CA - our home office.