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our new national campaign...


launching in 2012

please check

for details

Our sister websites are: - with ideas to encourage building a green career, specifically aimed at college grads. - sharing a menu of 16 ways for all Americans to get involved in growing an efficient clean energy world. - tracking the upcoming federal PowerSaver loan for home and building owners, as it gets launched state by state. - connecting the dots on how climate movement leaders are moving us all forward... and why we each need to be involved.

IN THE MEAN TIME, we share two features...

ONE - a YouTube 4 minute video, with a script by Bill McKibben, video by Stephen Thomson of

TWO - our GOLDEN FORMULA, for getting us on track, reducing

carbon emissions, and stabilizing planet earth at 350 ppm

(parts per million of atmospheric carbon)...

in order to shift 80% to clean energy by 2020, what climate and earth scientists now claim is our need, due to accelerating climate change...

if we shift down 1/2 in all 5 of the following categories, we will get to 80%:

(following is approximate % of all US greenhouse gas production)






PLUS, removing carbon from the atmosphere with Professors Lackner and Keiths' inventions (see details on upcoming SolvingClimateThreat website)...

= STABLE PLANET @ 350 parts per million of atmospheric carbon (where we were globally, in 1990)

* what MOST Americans can influence, who own a home and/or business building, and by how we choose to travel (both those categories amount to about 2/3 of the problem!).


Sustainable Design BASICS

Building Energy Efficiency BASICS



home decor

solar accessories


Website links on issues related to climate change


What Sustainable Design offers:

  • ONE: encouraging affordable solar installation, incoordination with energy efficiency. The two are the best combination for the demands of a building, in the 21st century. We recommend solar leasing with Now partnered with Lowe's in 8 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. They will work with you to keep your costs low.
  • TWO: encouraging Energy Transition Teams of friends/neighbors - best with a group of 5 or 6 - to get savings at Home Depot, Lowe's and smaller green home businesses (see below *). 
  • THREE: simplifying what the building energy efficient process involves (see 4-part description below). 
  • FOUR: encouraging a Green Number Rating home audit, once an energy efficiency retrofit is completed. This Green Number Rating adds to the value of a home. A LEED rating would be applicable to a commercial building.

* we encourage cost-effective group sales of Energy

Star appliances, cellular/honeycomb R2 rated window

shades and bulk CFL/LED bulbs: what AB811 in CA and the new PowerSaver loan won't cover, because they are removable from a building.

We encourage you to organize your own Energy

Transition Team of 5-6 friends and neighbors, to bring

costs down. Home Depot offers you 15-20% savings,

if you go into their bidding room. A minimum sale needs

to be $2,500 with one buyer handling the purchase.

Contact a Home Depot Associate at the ProDesk for

more details. Deliveries can be made from one store, to

most anywhere in the SF Bay Area, for instance.  

'65% of all the energy consumed to generate electricity

in the US each year is lost.' 

Carnegie Mellon University,

from Al Gore's Our Choice

(and why energy efficiency is crucial)

Building energy efficiency BASICs:

ONE - heating/cooling and the 'home/building

envelope': up-to-code insulation, R- rated windows or

window coverings, addressing air leakage, heating/

cooling and sealing related ducts.

TWO - installing key Energy Star appliances: water

heater, refrigerator, washer/dryer and dishwasher

THREE - lighting: installing all-CFLs and low-wattage

halogen bulbs (up to 60 watts best), supplemented

with LED/solar lighting.

FOUR - water: interior&exterior. Dual flush toilets ,

lowflow showerheads and sprinklers,

drip irrigation, rain harvesting, low water/xeriscape

landscaping, replacing part or all of your lawn, instant

hot water in kitchen.

In other words, adapting your home/business with the

most efficient technology in all of these 4 crucial



Sustainable Design wants you to feel confident as you

transform your home and/or business, that you are

making the most cost-effective choices. There are

various rebates available:

from the federal govt, from utilities, and from


Here are valuable links to access on rebates:

We are a member of EFFICIENCY FIRST, a new

non-profit trade association that unites Home

Performance contractors, residential energy

consultants, building product manufacturers

and other key members of America's growing

green-collar workforce.

Learn more on their website:

Phone contact: 866-959-9811 or email them at [email protected] Based in Washington DC.


All That We Share: a field guide to the Commons, Jay

Walljasper, intro by Bill McKibben; leading visionaries

in the book include RFK Jr, Maude Barlow, Peter Barnes

The Clean Tech Revolution, Ron Pernick and

Clint Wilder. Between these two co-authors, they have

expertise in clean tech research, business and

journalism. They both speak at industry events.

Great resource on this surging industry.

Climate Capitalism: Capitalism in the Age of Climate

Change, Lovins & Cohen - 'to build a future that values

people and the planet, we need to rethink how we do

business - Climate Capitalism shows how to do it':

Gregor Robertson, mayor of Vancouver BC

Down To the Wire, David Orr -

'powerful and prophetic':

Wendell Berry

The Earth-Friendly Food Chain, Linda Riebel.

One of the best hands-on resources on the growing

concern of our food industry. Order from her website: 

EcoCities: Rebuilding Cities in Balance with Nature,

Richard Register, -'EcoCities takes you on an

exploratory journey into the cities of the future' :

Jane Goodall

Forests Forever: their ecology, restoration and

protection, John Berger - 'meticulously researched

and a magnificent book': Paul Hawken; order from

Forests Forever Foundation at 415-974-3636

Plan B, 4.0 , Lester Brown. This book gets regularly

updated, by a prolific researcher/author, who worked

with the Kennedy administration as Secretary of Agri-

culture. This current book release has some remark-

able updates on the advancements being made in China.

You can get email news updates on his research, by

signing up at

The Post Carbon Reader: managing the 21st century's

sustainability crises, edited by Heinberg + Lerch; recom-

mended chapter: Nine Challenges of Alternative Energy

Rebooting the American Dream: 11 ways to rebuild

our country, Thom Hartmann, 'a seminal work':

Paul Hawken

2 books for entrepreneurs - 75 Green Businesses and

Starting Green, Glenn Croston, 'A terrific resource',

Josh Dorfman, founder/CEO, Vivavi

for kids - Harmony, Prince Charles (he has other

interesting books for adults, on organic farming)




get on email networks

on air carbon capture development, Prof Klaus Lackner,

geoscience dept/Columbia U: -

Scientific American article, June, 2010

(need to pay to get entire article) -

National Geographic article, August 2010

- part one; influenced by daughter's middle school science project/

NOVA's Science Now

- why CO2 needs to be removed from atmosphere

funding for - Virgin Earth Challenge/Sir Richard Branson:

on algae biofuel development (see 'Green Revolution',

below, for Navy/Marines use of):

US distribution starting in 2011:

on bee colony collapse/action by EPA:

on cap and dividend/price on carbon - see more under

Climate and activism, Congressional legislation:

on carbon sequestration into rock:

on cars for the 21st century:

Nissan Leaf, with 100 miles per charge -

oil free tires to be available in 2013 -

sumitomo-rubber-offering-oil-free-tires/ - oil free tires

Plug-in conversions -

- A123 Systems can adapt ANY car to a plug-in, but most cost-

effective with a Prius

why higher prices at the pump is GOOD! -

on China, advancing on clean energy:

on city initatives focused on climate change:

On clean energy standard legislation (CES):

standard68796 - getting processed in Congress now, with a

bipartisan group of 6 senators, headed up by Sen Bingaman (D-NM)

and Sen Murkowski (R-AK)

on the climate, and activism*: Bill McKibben's global project* - Bill Nye's call to action* based* - San Diego based* -

Jim Hansen's petition for fee and dividend* scientific discussion; can subscribe to

emailings - Dan Miller,Chabot Space&

Science Center, Oakland CA - Lester Brown's Earth Policy Institute,

DC/can subscribe to emailings movement, DC* collaboration of Jim Hansen, Bill

McKibben, Lester Brown, and others, to influence Congress

on a carbon tax* -DC based* - youth movement* - scientific discussion - youth movement* - on carbon power history:


on coal gasification in China and Texas/carbon

capture, negatives:



on Congressional legislation:

on Copenhagen/Cancun and beyond: - Sec Steven Chu interview, Nov 29, 2009 -JimHansen, NASA -Jim Hansen talks - Carol Browner,

formerly with Clinton/Obama administrations


SEE - lead by water activist, Maude Barlow

on Corporate Climate responsibility:

on deforestation/reforestation: - Conservation Intl - Nature Conservancy - Rainforest Alliance - Rainforest Action Network

'Scientists estimate that more than 40% of

the excess CO2 that has accumulated in our

atmosphere has come from deforestation.'

Our Choice, Al Gore

on Eco-City development:




on EPA action:

MNQ41ID7H4.DTL - March 17,2011 limits

on coal plants, specifically on mercury

on energy efficiency in buildings: -Santa Fe, NM, founded by architect,

Ed Mazria -DC non-profit, upgrading Home

Performance profession

on fee and dividend legislation:

recommended by leading US climatologist, James Hansen.


on food, converting to organic agriculture:

2010 best food stories (including good news on bees):

best%2C_worst_and_most_delicious_food_stories?page=2 - new meat eater's guide,

which also includes Seafood Watch, from Monterey Aquarium,

Monterey CA

on forests, their ecology, restoration and protection: San Francisco CA

on Green Jobs/careers: -green home consulting -see Green Dream Jobs - offers jobs - parties focused on green purchasing

on 'Green Revolution' in the Navy and Marines: 

on home greening:

on Marin Energy Authority/new community

choice program:

on Marine Life Protection Act in CA:

on natural gas 'fracking' and negatives:







EPA getting involved on fracking controversy:



Cornell peer-review study, indicating fracking as bad as coal:


on Nature Rights: -

9 minute explanation by water activist, Maude Barlow, on newest international effort, since April 2010 gathering in Bolivia, following the failed effort at Copenhagen16, Dec 2009.

on Nuclear Power, and negatives: - 3rd and 4th generation

-nuclear-power?searchterm=nuclear+energy - more on 3rd&4th

- upgrading safety and looking at graphite reactors - Ed Mazria questions officials on amount of US nuclear

use (Lester Brown supports Ed Mazria's numbers -

see Plan B, 4.0 book, page 138 - official reports are at 20%,

Ed Mazria/LesterBrown indicate 10%).

more on nuclear use negatives:



other hybrid alternatives to nuclear:

media continues to advocate for non-nuclear solutions:

need for UN inspection on all global nuclear reactors: -

with physicist Vandana Shiva and water activist Maude Barlow

on Overpopulation - as we hit a global

population of 7 billion, October 2011:


on Plan B Documentary, with Lester Brown and other energy experts - narration by Matt Damon:

on plastic-free living:

on population stabilization:

their study on climate change:

program with Center for Biological Diversity:

on 'post carbon' living: - Post Carbon Institute, Santa Rosa CA

25 minutes with Richard Heinberg, PCI director:


how journalist Bill McKibben envisions it:


on Rights of Nature - see Nature Rights

on sustainable community building, in cities

and counties: - Contra Costa county CA - Danville CA - Lafayette CA - Moraga CA -San Mateo county CA - San Ramon CA - Petaluma, CA/Sonoma county CA - MASTER SOURCE for entire US

on urban farming: - headquartered in MI with

city projects across the US

on (calculating your) water footprint:

GOOD NEWS... on U.S. carbon emissions, from Lester Brown, founder of Earth Policy Institute, based in DC: We have reduced our carbon emissions 9% since 2007. He claims this means we are finally 'walking the walk',

based on more efficiency, more alternative energy use, lowered use of oil and coal, and clearly the recession factors in there too.

See his article, currently featured on his website, at . Search for, 'walking the walk.'

Obviously, whatever can be done with energy efficiency, then clean energy, saves us energy and money,and ensures a planet we wish to be living on, leaving it

as livable as possible, for the next generation...

Join us.